Thanaka logs
When we talk about Myanmar beauty, Thakana is the first answer in my mind. When you read magazines or see documentary about Myanmar, you will see all girl and Myanmar women always apply Thanaka powder on their face.

Thanaka is yellow white paste that comes from Thanaka tree, in Myanmar market sells Thanaka logs and paste powder including Thanaka cream. Some cosmetic product also adds Thanaka as ingredient because Thanaka help to prevent acne, control oil on your skin, protect skin from sun and also improving your skin.
Kyauk pyin 

Myanmar female always paste Thanaka log with Kyauk pyin stone to grinding then mix with water and ware on their face.
I got Thanaka products from my friend when he went to Myanmar. That was the first time I used Thanaka product, actually I already knew about Thanaka products but I never tried it because it’s very hard to find pure Thanaka in Bangkok. 

I got Thanaka pure power and cream, also loose powder. I really like these products, after I apply Thanaka about 2-3weeks I feel my skin is smoother and brighter, my acne also reduce.

I use Thanaka cream as make up base which is matte my skin before I use foundation. After I finish make up, I use Thanka loose powder to set up my make up that could make my make up stay longer. Sometime I apply only Thanaka cream when I have no make up. For Thanaka pure power I add to my homemade facial mask recipe.

I mix Thanaka powder with honey and yogurt to make a facial mask, then leaves on my face for 10-15 minutes. After rinse off, follow with toner and moisturizer.

I really like Thanaka products but unfortunately I can’t find pure Thanaka in Bangkok. If you have a chance to go Myanmar, don’t forget to buy Thanaka. :)